About Us

We have a large network of banks and we know what requirements they need met in order to approve and issue funds. We will pre-qualify and package your application, then walk you through the entire process to funding.

We Provide Businesses The Capital They Need To Grow

We help you get the Business Express Loan you need to grow your business. We look at the overall well-being of your business, not just your personal credit. We work with over 100 lenders across the nation so we are sure to find the best rates for our customers.We can get you funded in as fast as one week!

About Our Loans

  • UNBEATABLE rates starting at 6%
  • Loan amounts from $20k up to $150k
  • Personal assets stay safe, no personal collateral
  • Business Term Loan or Line of Credit
  • See if you qualify in 48 hours at no cost
  • Cash funding in as little as 7 days

Common Uses

  • Pay off High Interest Debt
  • Expand Your Business
  • Purchasing Inventory
  • Hiring or Paying Employees
  • Launch a Marketing Campaign

Types Of Leases

Finance Lease

A common type of equipment lease, finance leases are considered long term leases because the
primary lease terms usually run for most of the equipment’s useful life.

Operating Lease

When a lease’s primary term is significantly shorter than the equipment’s useful life, the lease is called an operating lease. Operating leases typically span a few months to a few years, although some are as short as a few hours.

Leveraged Lease

In a leveraged lease, a bank or other lender loans a percentage of the funds to buy the equipment, usually 60% to 80%. Because the lessor has put up only a small percentage of the equipment’s cost, its investment is said to be leveraged because its return is based on 100% of the cost.

Non-leveraged Lease

Also referred to as an unleveraged or a straight lease, a non-leveraged lease occurs when the lessor pays for the equipment from its own funds. Leasing companies often enter into non-leveraged leases.

Service Lease

Lease in which the lessor assumes equipment ownership responsibilities, such as maintenance, repair, insurance, record keeping, or payment of property taxes, in addition to providing the asset financing, are usually called service leases. Service leases generally have relatively short lease terms.