Kathmandu city visit

Beautiful earth street heading to Arughat from Kathmandu

Investigating the Budhi Gandaki River valley

Experience the Nepalese and Tibetan blend culture

Strolling between the fringes of Nepal and Tibet

Traverse 5,215 m



Trekking around Manaslu offers a novel chance to encounter a sensibly untouched district of Nepal. This area of Nepal sees couple of trekkers, which makes a visit here more selective and pristine. Manaslu, open for trekking since 1991, gives dynamite excellence along the outskirt of Nepal and Tibet and is currently a controlled trekking course, permitting sorted out trekking bunches exceptional grants to pick up passage into this locale to wander round its stupendous manaslu circuit.


Manaslu has a one of a kind domain, which is astoundingly rich in biodiversity that has made this area one of the finest traveler goals of Nepal for a long time. The grand Himalayan ranges around there comprise of social decent varieties and regular view with high elevation sentimental ice sheet lakes and entrancing widely varied vegetation, all highlights of this locale, have made it a standout amongst the most alluring spots of Nepal.


Manaslu circuit trekking course open in 1992 for trekker. This course is encompassed of world’s eight most elevated Manaslu Himalaya (8,156 m). Course offers geological boundaries, climbing towns, old human advancement, thick woods and some more. This course is rich in culture of Gurung and Tibetan. We can see culture and way of life of high locale individuals. Word Manaslu originated from Sanskrit; which implies soul and this Himalaya otherwise called heap of soul. Trekking around Manaslu is one of the delightful undertakings. Pass conventional towns, waterways, blossom rhododendron timberlands and dynamite perspective of mountain tops from close. Strolling through Larkya La Pass (5,125 m) which is most astounding purpose of Manaslu circuit trek.


Manaslu area trek begins from Aarughat after you take a transport from Kathmandu to Gorkha and Gorkha to Aarughat and closures at Besisahar. Manaslu circuit trekking course goes through legitimate Hindu and Tibetan towns, beautiful farmland, Yak pastures, Mani dividers, chortens, antiquated cloisters, high passes, profound crevasse and gaps of Marsyangdi River. As you trek up going through the terraced mountain glades and towns, woods of pine the trail opens up to the high knolls with little fix of Tibetan town Samagaon on the foot of Himalayas. From the town you will travel west intersection Larkya-La pass. The course is great and sufficiently extreme which joins Budhi Gandaki River with Marsyangdi River. You will then slip down through elevated glades, going through the town of Bimtang you will join Annapurna Circuit trekking course. From that point you will additionally trek down to Beshisahar. To finish this trekking you ought to have normal wellbeing and great physical condition.