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January 20, 2021

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The privacy-first browser that doesn’t track you

Surfing the internet is something most of us take for granted, and many of us cannot imagine being without. But the ubiquity of the internet, on not only our computers, but also our smartphones and other devices, has also opened  →
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Boost productivity with a free password manager for Windows

The average internet user has almost a hundred online accounts, and all of them need their own set of login credentials to ensure maximum security of your information. This is for certain one of the major reasons why so many  →
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Build dual boot and multi-boot environments with a boot manager

Being able to run multiple operating systems on the same computer is a lot more convenient than being restricted to one operating system per machine. It gives you a chance to easily test out different types of software, and it’s  →
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XLSTAT version 2020.5

XLSTAT is a data analysis solution for companies wanting to get more out of the increasingly vast wealth of digital data that’s available to them. And it is not just for sales and marketing teams. Financial departments can use XLSTAT  →
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How to Make Your Radio Station Stand Out in 2021

Increase Engagement with Audience Targeting Delivering relevant content to specific audiences increases engagement and enhances the overall listening experience for your audience. Leverage your audience data to target your content based on several parameters, such as geography, music genre, age,  →
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5 signs it’s time to replace your browser

The browser you’re currently using might not be the best one for you, but you’re probably so used to its antics, you aren’t even looking for a new one. Yet, the browser is the most important application on your computer  →
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Enjoy a new level of design with nanoCAD Plus 20

Nanosoft is proud to announce the release of a major update for its popular DWG-compatible CAD software. nanoCAD Plus 20 this year’s big release, and it brings a great deal of new functionality and a raft of improvements to the  →
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Cryptainer USB Encryption software to encrypt USB drive. Easy-to-Use.

Encrypt your portable drive using Cryptainer USB Encryption Software – Comprehensive solution to protect sensitive data on any USB Removable Drive. Encrypt USB flash drive on any Windows PC with Cryptainer USB Encryption Software. Cryptainer USB allows to create a  →
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How to add support for NTFS drives to your Mac

Perhaps one of the most common complaints about macOS, like other systems developed by Apple, is their lack of interoperability with other platforms. One such example is the lack of native support for the NTFS file system in macOS and  →
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Enjoy complete digital protection with Acronis True Image for Mac

Data loss is a threat that every organization and individual faces. It can strike at any time and often without warning, and there are countless ways in which it can happen. For example, physical damage or hardware failures can render  →
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