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October 1, 2020

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Top 3 Tips for Getting the Most out of Remote Workforce Management Software

As remote work has become the norm in 2020, so has the need for remote workforce management software. Managing a remote workforce comes with unique challenges, including decreased visibility into employee behavior, employee burnout, and operational bottlenecks. These challenges can  →
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Differentiating ActivTrak From Traditional Employee Monitoring Solutions

Employee monitoring solutions have been utilized as a form of corporate surveillance for years. Originally, the focus has been on monitoring the actions of employees with access to sensitive information as part of an insider threat prevention program. But organizations  →
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Automate FTP workflows to streamline file transfers at scale

Although internet connections are faster than ever, managing file transfers manually often takes a lot of time. Synchronizing files between remote FTP servers and local computers is one such example. Using a conventional FTP client is a cumbersome and time-consuming  →
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Diagnose, repair, and optimize your PC with System Mechanic Trial

Over time, you’ve probably noticed how your computer doesn’t seem to perform at the level it used to when it was new. Common issues include taking much more time to boot up and reach a workable desktop and everyday activities  →
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Start your career in radio broadcasting with SAM Broadcaster PRO

Thanks to the internet, radio broadcasting is more accessible than it ever has been. All you need to get started is a computer connected to the web and specialized software like SAM Broadcaster PRO. Starting an online radio station with  →
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How To Run An Internet Radio Station Part-Time

For some, running a radio is a full-time profession, whilst for others, it is a hobby. If you have recently started a radio station but have commitment restraints on the time you can spend nurturing and growing your station, we  →
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Vivaldi introduces a full-page Notes Manager and configurable menus

The Vivaldi browser unveils a first-of-its-kind full-page Notes Manager, an upgrade to its unique Notes feature. It also features the much-requested option to configure menus, as well as speed improvements. Vivaldi’s distinguishing features – Tab Stacks, Tab Tiling, Vertical Tabs,  →
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Powerful business email with MDaemon Messaging Server

For some years, many have been claiming the end of email as a mainstream way to keep in touch. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when it comes to business communications. In fact, it is safe to say  →
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Boost productivity with a single database development environment

Developing and managing databases across a wide variety of engines is often fraught with complexity. In a typical situation, it is necessary to have a large number of different tools to help overcome interoperability issues between multiple database engines. In  →
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How to make sure your system has latest drivers with Outbyte Driver Updater

Drivers are responsible for the way your PC’s hardware components communicate with your operating system. Frequently driver updates are neglected for a long time, which can cause some programs and hardware parts of your PC to start malfunctioning. To avoid  →
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